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After reveiving an order sent by the form on our website or by e-mail, we will contact You in 24 hours via e-mail to confirm accepting the order and to ask additional questions. Considering, that there are no stupid questions relating taxes and there are no simple answers, also the so called "going shortcuts" is very risky; please tell us about all the facts concerning Your doubts in the form, as precisely as possible. Otherwise, the answer may be fraught with error resulting from lack of knowledge about the facts. The S&P does not take responsibility for that kind of errors (according to terms of the Regulations).

 The result of the service is the answer from our experts, provided by e-mail in file signed with an electronic signature verified by qualified certificate and in printed form, sent by courier to the address indicated by the Customer and on the Customer's expense. Customer agrees to timely reveice the parcel. You will also receive an invoice electronically, which shall be paid within 3 days couting from the date of receipt of invoice.

We prepare:

  • a standard advice consisting of about 4000 characters within 72 hours after confirmation the order by S&P,
  • a standard express advice consisint of about 4000 characters within 24 hours after confirmation the order by S&P,
  • a tax opinion consisting of about 12000 - 16000 characters within 5 days after confirmation the order by S&P,
  • applications for an individual interpretation within 3 days after confirmation the order by S&P.

You can pay for the advice by:

  • bank transfer to the bank account led by PKO BP account number 12 1020 3668 0000 5802 0358 1766, belonging to S&P Audyt Sp. z o.o.z/s 53-413 Wrocław, ul. Gwiaździsta 66 - in that case please, send us the confirmation of transfer via e-mail;

  • payment via Transferuj.pl website

If it turns out, that there is a need to extend the scope of Your questions or the S&P specialists conclude, that the question falls outside the scope of the lump-sum service, due to the labor consumption on response, the complexity of the issues, interpretational doubts, etc., the service establishes itself as extended service, and the price is subject to negotiations.

The detailes description of our tax opinions is here.


Submission of an order using the form below is binding, it means there is no possibility to cancel Your order. According to §11 point 5 of the Service terms of use, the agreement for provision of tax advisory services is concluded upon the confirmation of the order, which is sent by S&P Audyt Sp. z o. o.via e-mail.

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