We offer services in the following areas:

  • audits of financial statements
  • accounting records' reviews (annual, interim) 
  • audits of projects from EU funds
  • examination of transformations, mergers and divisions plans
  • certification services

Audit services (financial statements' audits and accounting records' reviews)

We encourage you to use the services of S&P. Thanks to the knowledge supported by a rich and diverse experience, we provide our clients with reliability, independence and the highest quality of comprehensive audit of financial statement.

Our work is based on an individual approach and adjusting the actions to the specific customers. Thanks to this we provide them an added value that goes beyond the simple audit of the financial statement.

Our auditors are experts in key areas such as manufacturing, trade and services.

We invite You to familiarize with our price offer. To enable us to submit it, please fill in the questionnaire "Information about the Client's company" and send it directly by e-mail or print and mail it to our company. Sending questionnaire does not result in obligation to cooperate with our company, and only allows you to view our offer.

We guarantee complete confidentiality.


Questionnaire in word format should be saved to the local disk, completed and returned by e-mail or printed and mailed to us.

Questionnaire in pdf format should be printed, filled out and sent to us by mail or scanned and sent by e-mail.


Confirmation services

S&P auditors perform certification services designed to support clients in solving specific problems. Our services include certification of forecasted financial information, as well as other forms of attestation.