Ready-made companies are companies without any history. The companies are clean business entities, fully equipped with all the necessary formal attributes, that are needed to start a business. These business entities are based on properly prepared and signed by a notary deed of company formation. They already have KRS number, NIP number (Tax ID), REGON number, VAT/VAT-UE. Each "clean" ready-made company in S&P's offer is free of any obligations, what is guaranteed by a notary. This ensures You, that there is no possible negative economic history of the company.

Purchase ofready-made company is primarily anability to immediately start of running a specific economic activity. This allows You to shorten the time needed to start a business to 1-2 days. You should also pay attention to the sense of comfort of buyer of ready-made company, which thanks to that purchase does not have to deal with frequently occurring traps of registration process. Purchase of ready-made company is also an opportunity to benefit from full service of tax advisory and accounting, provided by the S&P. 

The cost of purchase is shown in the table below. Time of the order fulfillment 1- 2 days.

Type of company Price*      Fees**

Full gross cost***

Limited liability 2 000 $ 500 $ 2 500 $
Limited partnership (1) 2 000 $ 900 $ 2 900 $

*) The price does not include the share capital or contributions.

**) The fees may differ from the amounts shown on the website and depend in particular on the number of members of board, whether the share capital is increased and whether there's a need to change the deed of company formation, etc.

***) The full gross cost may differ from the amounts shown on the website. The potential difference depends on fees.

1) Ready-made limited partnerships are sold only in the construction with limited liability company - limited liability limited partnership.

All ready companies for sale being in the S&P's offer have:

  • immediate ability to run business activity;
  • no obligations to creditors;
  • the minimum share capital requires by law;
  • all the numbers necessary to run business (NIP (Tax ID), REGON, KRS, VAT-VAT-UE).

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