Polish law regulations bind tax payers to determine prices and other conditions for transactions with related entities in such manner, so that they reflect market prices and conditions. Violation of this rule authorizes tax authorities to estimate the market value of income and determine the correct amount of tax liability.

The S&P offers the full range of services, thanks to which, the risk of transfer pricing will be effectively limited. In this field, our services include:

Audit in area of transfer pricing

Audit in the field of transfer pricing allows to identify the potential risks, to which the company conducting transactions with related entities, is exposed to. An effective risk management requires the identification of areas of risk, and then use of instruments for its reduction or elimination.

Documentation for transactions with related entities

Our experts will prepare, update or perform analysis on the documentation prepared by the Customer, what is obligatory when conducting transactions with related entities, required by law regulations art. 9a Corporate Income Tax Act.

Help during fiscal/tax inspection

Representation and help during the inspection. Preparation of appropriate arguments, assistance in conducting analyzes and collecting documentation supporting the taxpayer's position in scope of transfer pricing.