Tax and accounting security is the key criterion for assessing the company's accounting. Assigning these tasks toqualified professionals ensures a stable environment for the business development especially in the initial stages . Thinking about our Clients we have created a special team dedicated to cooperation with Customers in the field of bookkeeping, managing payroll and personnel records, as well as fulfilling of the reporting requirements imposed by the tax laws and regulations.

In order to meetour Customers' expectations, we provide services in areas such as:

  • keeping accounting records and financial reporting;
  • supervision of the accounting department;
  • preparation of tax settlementsfor Clients, on the basis of accounting records kept by S&P and help in preparing payments (bank transfers) for the tax liabilities;registration of entities as taxpayers;
  • preparingpayrolls for employees employed under a contract of employment and / or other forms of employment and preparing of the corresponding settlements on personal income tax and social insurance contributions;
  • managing the personnel records according to the applicable polish labor law.

Bookkeeping and financial reporting

The services provided in this area include:

  • preparing, in cooperation with the Customer, the chart of accounts complying with the Accounting Act of 29 September 1994,
  • keeping the accounting records on the basis of documents provided by the Client,
  • preparation of periodic group reports according to the Customer's standards,
  • drafting the annual financial statements prepared in accordance with the Accounting Act of 29 September 1994 requirements,
  • cooperation with the Customer's auditors.

Supervision over the accounting department - in an era of instability  of the tax law, the current knowledge of the chief accountant is a condition for safe functioning of the business. In order to meet your expectations, we can offer You the service of supervision over accounting services in You company.

Preparing the Customer's tax settlements

The services provided in this area include:

  • preparing the calculation of the monthly base and monthly advance corporation tax,
  • drawing annual declarations for corporation tax,
  • drawing VAT declarations for each month,
  • submitting the above mentioned declarations on time to the relevant tax authorities,
  • reports to thepublic administration statistical authorities (Central Statistical Office (GUS)), the Polish National Bank and preparing settlements and declarations for the tax authorities other than those listed above, if required,
  • contact with tax authorities.

Preparation of payrolls for employees

Preparingpayrolls is a very delicate matter, it requires confidentiality of sensitive data, and therefore it is reasonable to have payroll administration services provided by third parties. By entrusting S&P the provision of such services, the Customer gains a guarantee of complete confidentiality, cost reduction, and moreover - in a situation where the law of payroll and social security is very complex and is subject to change - service by qualified and trained on an ongoing basis personnel.

 Our services:

  • registration of the employer the social insurance purposes,
  • registration for social insurance and health insurance of employees,
  • calculation and preparation of payrolls for permanent employees,
  • settlement of civil law agreements (e.g. agreement of specific work),
  • preparing monthly reports for employees (RMUA)
  • preparing the calculation of monthly advance personal income tax payments,
  • preparing information about annual income and advance personal income tax payments,
  • drawing monthly social insurance declarations,
  • submitting above mentioned declarations on time to the relevant authorities,
  • contact with the Customer's auditors and tax authorities.

Managing personnel documentation

Our services:

  • keeping employees' personnel records and documentation related to the employment relationships (according to the Labor Code),
  • informingneeded to update prophylactic medical examination - issuing appropriate referrals,
  • informing aboutthe need to conduct OSH safety training,
  • keeping records ofvacation leave due and other absences from work,
  • ongoinginforming employers about the changes of legislation in terms of the administration of personnel records of employees.

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